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Default How's holding the Heat to 86 for defense?

I know most of you probably saw that game. We just held arguably one of the best offensive teams in the league to 86.

The Knicks can play defense when they want to, if you ask me. This game proves it. The only problem is that D'Antoni isn't going to stress it so were only going to see defense in big games.

We need a coach who's going to push guys like Melo and STAT EVERY play to play defense. We could be such a great team.

Also, enough props can't even be given to Bill Walker. He hustled hard and it seemed like the majority of the Knicks defensive plays, especially in the 4th quarter had him involved.

Also, the whole reason we won the game was a DEFENSIVE STOP. Amare's block on James was amazing, and the whole reason we won the game. I guess thats what happens when Athletic tries to go up against More Athletic.
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