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Default Re: Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

Isiah recently said starting James will allow Frye to be in the game on the second unit, when Curry isn't there, and therefore allow Frye to post up. He said he wants Frye to be more than a jumpshooter, and that Frye can't post up if Curry is already there posting up. He said it was their (his) fault that they had turned Frye into a jumpshooter, because Curry was the man in the post.

Frye seems to have a lot of skills, great jumpshot, heads' up play, and can get the occasional rebound. He's long and can play some good defense, and will get better defensively as he gets older.

But he's a bit soft and skinny. And he played like crap early this year. He lost his job of his own doing. He's got to 'bring' it more. I mean really 'bring' it. He didn't do that early this year. Isiah gave him a chance, but then eventually pared down his playing time.

Bosh has improved his rebounding. Let's see Frye do that.

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