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Default Re: How's holding the Heat to 86 for defense?

Here is what I noticed, the PLAYERS took accountability for playing defense tonight. With seven minutes left in the game, Melo took it upon himself to stick LBJ straight up. If he continues to accept that challenge defensively, as well as all of the others players on the team, we will be alright. He showed that he can defend when he wants and it's not like George Karl preached good defense in Denver. (How in the hell does he get a pass??)
I also am tired of people talking about Melo not rebounding either. Last time I checked, Melo was THE leading rebounding small forward in the NBA:
That being said, this is still a work in progress and if we commit to defend, we can make some serious noise in the playoffs and not just be an easy out in the first round.
Carter played some nice "in your chest" defense against Wade. RMJ and Kaz can be waived. Give me JJ and Earl Barron for the rest of the year and let's roll...

One more pet peeve of mine; we allow too many damn and ones. We need to knock some folks on their asses and not allow them to finish at the rim with continuation. That's good, clean hard basketball.....
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