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Default Re: Perkins to OKC, Green to BOS

Originally Posted by LeFraud Shames
I don't need to pretend I know more than them.

It may have been 9 point and 9 rebounds, but the impact Perkins has on the defensive end of the floor is rivaled by very few big men.

I can already see Doc Rivers making excuses for why they lost.

how many games they have played after the trade? I don't want to argue with you here... just pls don't jump to conclusion that fast just after one game.
I appreciated the hard work and defense Perkins had, but only the insider knows how bad Perkins' knees are, and what the situation really is. We all see the surface, but don't know what really triggered the trade.
Don't forget Celtics was really thin in the 3 after Daniels was injured. They desperately needed a backup for PP also. Now they have a quality player who can play the 3; enough big men to cover Perks departure; and room to sign 3 more players. Who can say they really made a bad trade and giving up the chance of winning this year?

It is difficult to lose a core player, but Perks is not irreplaceable IMO.
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