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Default Re: Perkins to OKC, Green to BOS

I have heard both sides talk about it.

The reason Boston did it starts with the fact that Perk is in the last yr of his contract and rejected their earlier offers of 4yrs/30mil. Ainge thinks the asking price is going to be too high and doesn't want to lose him for nothing. Secondly, since they gave Quis away for somebody who is probably in 9th grade right now, that left Pierce as the only 1 who can guard Carmelo, LeBron, Joe Johnson types and the Celtics weren't comfortable with that. Also with JG being accustomed to playing the 4, that opens the option of them going with a lineup of Rondo/Ray/Paul/Jeff/Kevin. They also talked about negating the pick and roll against most teams (particularly Miami) with that lineup because they would just switch everything. You also get Krstic back who gives you a jumpshooting 5 and therefore spaces the floor better for Rondo to drive when he runs pick and roll with him, his defender can't just crowd the lane because Nads is money out to 18ft. If Boston does make the finals and faces LA, then yes it looks like a bad move.

I'm just upset for JG to get traded somewhere not going to use him to his full potential. He has all star talent (especially since in the East 17ppg gets you in) and Doc admittedly hasn't figured out where to use him. I think he had 7 in the game I just watched against Utah and played mostly with the "barely in the NBA" guys like Chris Johnson and Avery Bradley.

As for us, we lost plenty of games this yr giving up too many offensive rebounds (to include game 6 in the playoffs against LA), plus he adds an aura of toughness and nastiness we don't really have otherwise. By the way, when introduced Sunday all 3 new guys got a HUGE ovation but Perks was the loudest. We also give up way too many uncontested 3s because it's like we don't trust our post guys to defend 1 on 1. Hopefully with Perk down there we can stop ball watching and stay home on the perimeter.

He admitted to crying when he heard about the trade but is also in good spirits about being here and enjoys the guys and even said he thinks he'll resign in the summer. Nate said he likes the team too, especially Sonic and he wants to franchise one Nazr said he's just going to enjoy being around such a great ground of young guys, plus he's coming from Charlotte so no way this isn't an improvement.

Here's the game programs from Sunday's Lakers game

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