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Default Re: Why Did the Knicks Beat the Heat?

Originally Posted by djwoody

1) Billups hit big shots late. He isn't called Mr Big Shot for no reason. Everyone focuses on Melo with the big trade, but people are actually forgetting that Billups is actually the guy that is the one pulling this all together. Sure he won't have as much swag or star-power as CP3 or D-Will, but he's experienced and will deliver when it matters most.

2) Wade was cold. I guess they defended him well. He isn't a guy who'll only get 12 everytime though. The prev 3 meetings this season, Wade had high scoring games, but this time somehow he managed to get shutdown. Even Bosh (somewhat the weaker of the Big 3) had a double-double. But if this was a series, it won't stay that way for sure.

3) Turnovers.

Good Observations!

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