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Default Re: draft FA or trade

I say the draft. They are always saying the draft doesn't have any impact players and every year the draft has at 3-4 impact players to come out.

This years draft (SG wise) has some guards that are 1st picks for like Jordan Hamilton, Marshon Brooks, and Alec Burks. Their are some junior guards and senior guards that will probably end up in the 2nd round of the draft who can make a impact.

The Bulls have two 1st picks and three 2nd round picks and they have no excuse to drafting a decent SG or signing a undrafted SG (Wes Matthews Jr) for example.

Every SG that the Bulls have signed can barely shoot, undersize, or they are chuckers.

Every SG that the Bulls have drafted have been bust, undersize, or chuckers.

Their will never be another MJ-23, but the Bulls need to get a SG who can shoot, defend, and facilitate like a PG would a plus.
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