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Default Re: draft FA or trade

Here are some unpperclass men SG's that will probably fall in the 2nd round of the draft or go undrafted that can score, defend, play some PG, and are taller than 6'3 (No undersize SG please Bulls management)

Cam Long from George Mason- 6'4

Darius Morris from Michigan- 6'4

Ramone Moore from Temple-6'4

E'Twaun Moore from Purdue-6'4

Ravern Johnson from Miss. State- 6'6

Corey Higgins from Colorado-6'5

Jeremy Green from Stanford- 6'4

D.J. Kennedy from St. John-6'6

Julyan Stone from UTEP-6'7

Iman Shumpert from GA Tech-6'5

Scotty Hopson from the University of Tennessee-6'7

Brad Wanamaker from Pittsburgh-6'4

Steve Gray from Gonzaga-6'5

Tre'von Willis from UNLV-6'5

Maurice Creek from Indiana-6'5

Also, 2 other guys that might be 1st round picks who can shoot the ball

John Jenkins from Vanderbilt-6'4

Klay Thompson from Washington St-6'6
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