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Default Re: Kings barely look like an NBA team, lose to Clippers Dec 6

Originally Posted by b.jerk
Completely agree, at the start of games the guards Beno Urdih, and Tyreke Evans make the game about themselves and not the entire team. Demarcus Cousins needs a college style offense, and this is the nba. Omri Casspi could be something special but his forearms are weak and has no balance, he needs to do a lot of one-arm push ups this offseason.

They need a couple of players , but it starts with Teke... he never worked on his game in the off season.
If he had a low post game , he would be deadly like Cassell.

His jump shot is always off balance , and needs to take his man down low.
It would help his team ,, but he failed , so his team is on the bottom of the league.
Cousins and their center are their bright spots ... Westphal might need to go for a young 'new' coach.
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