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Default Knicks @ Magic (L)

The Knicks played a great freethrow/driving game today with the Orlando Magic. It was sad to see we've given into a loss that we were bound to win by 3rd quarter. We were playing a tough game, many no calls that Carmelo Anthony did not pick up, he was being wacked, sacked, & hacked. Our big three scored about 85+ points total from an aging Chauncey Billups & a less efficient Carmelo.

I believe that our LEGIT first option is Chauncey Billups. It has been PROVEN. I don't, not do I think any other person should question Billups & his leadership. He went to the line, he's a fighter. He controls the ball with strength, power, potential to push/drive him or his teammates. Chauncey broke his record in most freethrows taken, that's amazing that he can create whatever shot selection he wants.

Carmelo Anthony relied to much on Amare & his teammates. I don't blame him. He should of also went to the line. Anderson of the Orlando Magics heated it up from three along with Jameer Nelsons efficiency second half of the game. With this said, its given players like Dwight or Bass & Anderson to take full control. Richardson played great defense body to body on Carmelo to freeze his game up.

Today, was a heart breaking loss. Why? Because we played our heart out, well everyone besides Toney Douglas offensively, to face the Hornets at home with a tired starting lineup. Another reason for this loss is the chucking of threes, allowing Shawne Williams to shoot threes late 2 mins of the 4th quarter is beyond questionable to me on why Mike D' Antoni would allow this, followed by another three by Douglas bricking more shots.

The facts?
-Carmelo being frozen by Richardsons defense held us behind along with the no calls.
-Offense from Toney Douglas cost us the game. If those shots did fall, we would of prevailed. We could of also had another player replacing him that could of possibly made those shots he has. Why he wasn't substituted was the biggest issue.
-Our big three seems like they get the job done, but our role players aren't cut out.
-Shawne Williams needs to work on his driving game & only take threes when wide open, also learn to create plays.
-Shawne Williams guarding Dwight Howard/ any other big men in the NBA will hurt us. I don't care if he has a name of Dwight Howard or Mozgov. We need someone who is built to guard big men.
-Fields is cold. He seems to be hurt by us not running transition plays created mostly by Felton. Billups needs to work side by side with Fields to help create.

3 out of 5 players on our lineup cannot take on a good starting lineup with a good enough bench. We need to improve with that, & we will be a very good team. With this said, we can only wait, train, practice, & use this month as building chemistry, build our players & also help Billups learn each players ability to perform in ways they can be great at.

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