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Default Re: Knicks @ Magic (L)

I think we should try to get Bibby if we can, because Douglas is horrible. I know he has a defense game but his offense is so random every 10 games or so. I think Carmelo needs to drive more he's more deadly then settling for jumpers. He's a slow scorer and that's good because he can be consistant a fast scorer would have problems being streaky.

Any way we can get Bibby I think he's showing signs of signing with the Heat. If we get him we have a arsenal for a backup. AC does have experience and defense, Douglas is just explosive and has defense. Amare is still deadly but needs to stay away from early foul problems.

One of the issues we got to address is our big men. With our two new pick ups we should train them in and I'm sure rotations woul be cut. Turiaf did make a few stops after being wedged by Howard, but it affected him mentally.
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