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Default Re: Knicks @ Magic (L)

Melo had an off night down the stretch (even though he still had 25).They switch a lot of ppl on him.It was good coaching and effort on Orlando's part. STAT played fairly well but he too was frustrated by all the switching and help defense down the stretch.

It was a hard game to get a flow going which benefits Orlando and hinders us. there were so many fouls (like 92).A really ugly game.

Two things that stuck out though that had me worried we wouldn't win even when we were up 11.Shawne Williams was guarding Dwight Howard and Toney Douglas seems to be getting worse and worse game by game.I mean dude is just awful at the point.Its going to be a problem going forward.You can't play Billups all those minutes like you play Felton.He's 34.We better call Rafer or sign Sundiata Gaines once his 10 day contract is up.
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