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Default Re: Jazz waive Sundiata Gaines, Othyus Jeffers, Demetris Nichols and Ryan Thompson

Sundiata deserves a full season contract with a team, he did good in his minutes with Utah, and he had a few good games with Toronto.

As do many guys. Obviously he's very close. It will at least lead to a nice contract overseas.

I'd rather have Gaines then Price on the Jazz at the moment. Maybe they'll look at bringing him back to the team next year.

He's a pg at least. Could bring him back now. They have an extra roster space and just cut their luxury tax significantly.

I don't get what happened to Ronnie, last year he was a guy who could help you out and give you a good amount of production when somebody was out, he could score, do a good job at PG, especially after Maynor was traded.

Ronnie's been garbage just like Elson since December, he hasn't made shots, when he was playing the point when Deron was out in late January/early February he was awful.

He's always looked awful to me ouside of his defensive injury and being able to hit the boards well for someone his size. He never should have been a back-up or rotation player. He can't run a team. He can't shoot though he likes doing so. He's an end of the bench guy at best.

There was talk they were trying to trade him or they would waive him after the deadline just for the tax break it'd give them, but they did neither. I'm kinda surprised they didn't push harder for the Nets to take back Bell or Price in the Deron deal.

Maybe with Sloan gone his days are numbered? Doesn't sound like they pushed the Nets for anything. You want Deron? OK. What will you offer? Deal! Unbelievable really to deal such an asset without shopping him to the highest bidder. Nets could have and would have given a lot more as would other teams.

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