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Originally Posted by Crystallas
Derrick was flying around Kirk, and that wasn't the issue. He was able to run, but not able to leap as hard after the knee-bump in the 2nd quarter.

Rose should be allowed to have bad shooting games. Geez, thats nothing new in basketball. Boozer had a terrible game, he basically put himself into a grab-fest for the entire game. He also instigated a few times with Horford, who went off after both cheap fouls.

Boozer has been playing like crap for the last few weeks, and somehow our teams highest paid player keeps getting a pass?

How does Rose have a GOD AWFUL game and you blame boozer? Rose should know he doesnt need to keep shooting 3s when you can drive to the basket. Call it like it is ROSE LOST THIS GAME not boozer. If anything Boozer should of kept getting the ball cause no one could stop him from scoring. Boozer had 11 shot attempts and made 5 and rose had 21 and only made 5. Derrick could of had like 15+ assists tonite but instead he became a chucker.
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