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Default Re: WIZ/HAWKS TRADE: Hinrich,Armstrong for Bibby,Jordan Crawford, and Evans FINALIZED

Originally Posted by BallsOut
Hinrich is a solid pickup for Atlanta. They now have a player for each position that is capable of individually shutting down each of the team's other 5 positions. I would like to see them try this lineup and move Al and Josh back to their natural positions.

PG: Hinrich/Teague
SG: Johnson/Crawford
SF: Smith/Williams
PF: Horford/Powell
C: Pachulia/Armstrong

You make yourself worse at C and negligibly better, at best, at SF and PF. Making Josh Smith into Marvin Williams is basically all you are doing. He is NOT a SF, despite how much ATL might like to get bigger up front. He can't handle or shoot worth a lick. His value is his defense at the 4 and the athleticism edge he has on 4s. He has no way to use a slight size edge as an advantage over SFs. Horford has become a very good C. They need to find a top level backup C to use as the 3rd man in their rotation. Pachulia and Armstrong SUCK. They messed up badly by not getting Gortat. They should have offered Crawford for Pietrus and Gortat or something.
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