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I watched part of this game but had to turn the game off around the second quarter we was ahead by like 15 but............ I Saw so many bad calls by the refs that i refused to even consider this a game. Especialy after i saw 4 different hawks foul deng and still get a no call then on the other end the bulls got a ticky tack foul.. then there was a play where rose was getting an ally oop and the ball was deflected by horford out of bounds and the bulls were so upset by the bad call that they just let hawks get a free basket. THIS type of shit was going on all game. IM talking HORABLE CALLS. So i just decided this is a waste of my time. And even though the bulls were ahead I was ready to bet everything i had that hawks would turn the game around with refs acting like complete dumb asses. I am not sure of all the details but this game was a complete joke from the start. so you guys want to blame the team go for it.....I would like to add this is the first game all season i quit watching... im such a bulls homer i try to watch every game but there is seriously a time to drawl the line. I even would go out of my way to think that the refs were trying to stop the flow of the game when the bulls were on a run. There should be a way to put wack games like this under review by stern cause i am ashamed of our sport sometimes.
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