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Default Re: Bryan Colangelo, James Johnson and the “second draft”

It's silly to compare someone like Johnson to guys like O'Neal and Wallace who were VERY young when they were drafted. Johnson was 22 going into the NBA. He should have been good enough to prove worthy of playing time at that point. These types of articles generally point to exceptions as well to instill a sense of hope. That's nice but you also need to consider the probability of something occurring based on historical evidence.

I still like the trade though. I think it's a good and small risk to take considering the alternative is likely one of the last picks of the upcoming 1st round. I hope Johnson sees big minutes at SF the rest of the season. It's not like there is much left to see in players like Weems and Wright.

it's just damn refreshing to see the Johnson/Amir/Davis out there being such an active frontcourt.
I agree. The problem I've seen so far is Amir and Davis both wearing down towards the end of games. They may not have the frames to handle playing big minutes at C. I hope Davis proves to be a legit "PF of the futre" and the Raptors look to putting a good strong C beside him. Then again, I hoped for the exact same thing with Bosh and it never happened.

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