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A loss like this is great for this team.

Yeah. I said it.

Every once in a while a team needs a kicked-in-the-dick type loss to remind them that they still got things to work on.

Look at it big picture wise. They were rolling into this game, then came out and took a unified dump on Atlanta's face to start. Then they sat, got sloppy, and lost the damn thing.

Guarandamntee you they will learn from this. Learn not to coast. Not to get complacent. Losing sucked but so what. It's one game. They'll learn from it. Games like this show this team the other side of the lawn. (You know, the one with all the weeds and dog shit everywhere.) And you need to see that once in a while to remind you to stay on that fresh and green side. With the lawn chairs and shit.

Relax everybody.
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