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Default Re: 2012 Knicks: D.Howard, C.Paul, D.Rose, Amar’e & ‘Melo!

Originally Posted by oldknickfan
Walsh said the Knicks will have the caproom for 2 more Max players in 2012. Wecould get Howard and a second to go along with Amar'e & 'Melo!~
pretty sure you misunderstood whatever he said. he probably said we'd have room for at least 2 max players period. and we already have 2 max players. i highly doubt the salary cap in the new cba will have room for a 3rd max deal. we're stuck with this roster. 40-50 wins for the next 5 years and an annual 1st round exit. probably woulda been exactly the same if we didn't make the trade at all.
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