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I tell you this James "Flight" White is an amazing dunker and the only reason he lost the high school one was because David Lee had the "other" factor working for him. The college slam dunk competition is a joke because the best dunkers in college don't even compete it's everyone who can't make it to March Madness or anyone else who feels like showing up....and 4 reasons White won't win the NBA dunk contest in no particular order.

1 Nate Robinson- he's only 5'7" (not 5'9") and dunks harder then cats twice his size. although his gift victory last year he still had to make dunks most people can't.

2 Andre' Igoudala- got punked last year and will dominate in '07 taking home the title with a back to back to back 50 performance!

3 Guillermo "Superman" Diaz jumps twice as high as James White and does some of the most amazing things a i've ever seen a 6'2" guy do

4 Shannon Brown - More explosive then White seems to have that Vinsanity twitch muscle fiber in his calves looks like he springs the way he leaps!
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