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i think toronto might take aldridge since he's the best bet at the 5 spot in the draft and can easily start next to bosh and villi in the toronto front court. braganani is more of a pf only despite his height, much like dirk.

bragnani to chicago. lots of potential and chicago's weakest position is PF. chicago already has good good young players at 1 2 and 3.

charlotte could either take morrison or gay. i think they go with morrison who's the best scorer in the draft and brings the intangiables and the attitude that fans love. the new league rules favor scorers more and a high scoring team would help the bobcats attract more fans to the games.

trailblazers take rudy gay. too much atheletic ability and skill. has a polished game and could help portland immediately.

hawks take brandon roy and then trade him to houston for williams. common knowledge.

minnasota takes tyrus thomas. they could take randy foye since they're already loosing marcus banks, but big men are more valuable and thomas is a physical speciman and plays with attitude. kg is not going to be in minny forever so minny needs to take thomas and try to fill up their other positions through trade or FA.
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