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Talking Bismack Biyombo - the next big African prospect

Biyombo is an 18 year old 6'9" (and growing) PF/C prospect from the Congo.

He's got a huge wingspan and big time athleticism. Similar to Kevin Seraphin/Serge Ibaka as a prospect.

He's already getting minutes in the Spanish ACB after only 3 years in Spain (highest level outside of the NBA), well, well above any D1 school. He's averaging 6 points/5 rebounds/2.3 blocks per game in only 15 minutes of play against bigger, stronger, more experienced players.

An article about him:
MADRID (ACB) - The anonymity of Fuenlabrada teenager Bismack Biyombo has vanished overnight since his debut in the Spanish ACB.

For many fans of the club, the 18-year-old Biyombo was just another player in the ‘cantera’, the youth team, yearning for a chance.

The new year arrived, though, and suddenly, everyone in basketball-crazy Spain is asking: “Where did he come from?”

Earlier this month, the Congolese youth introduced himself to the ACB in a fearless manner, with an emphasis on his defensive ability.

The 2.04m center, as Real Madrid star Felipe Reyes discovered last weekend in Biyombo’s third game, is a ‘Sultan of Swat’ because on one shot attempt, the Spain international watched at the Africa not only denied him but sent the ball into Row H.

Not the least bit surprised in the sudden emergence of Biyombo is former Jordan and Angola coach, Mário Palma, the man who helped the player land in Spain.

Palma, who has coached at FIBA World Championships and Olympic Games, says Biyombo is at the right place and has much to offer.

He first met Biyombo in Yemen, when the African was a baby-faced 16-year-old.

Palma saw him playing in a domestic tournament and was very impressed.

When Biyombo then approached Palma to say hello, the experienced coach couldn’t believe how modest this extraordinarily talented player was.

“He came to talk to me and asked for help,” Palma said to

“He said he wanted to play at a high level.

“Initially I thought of sending him to Angola, where I have some contacts, so he could progress there.

“I thought of Angola because of the cultural proximity to his country of origin.

“Then I contacted someone in Spain and everything started from there.

“It was the right choice.”

Knowing the club had some untapped reserves in the ‘cantera’ made Fuenlabrada’s decision to allow the transfer of their star center, Uruguay international Esteban Batista, to Caja Laboral easier.

Fuenlabrada coach Salvador Maldonado felt the time was right to benefit from the club’s youth section.

Biyombo has so far proved the veteran coach right.

He has averaged four points, five rebounds and two blocks in his 14 minutes per game.

Against Madrid, one of the powerhouses in Spain and the Euroleague, Biyombo swatted three shots!

Palma, when asked about Biyombo this week, said: “I was following his hard work in Spain from Jordan.

“I was at ease because he was working with good coaches.

“I am not surprised at all by his impact.

“What really surprised me, though, was his athleticism.”

Biyombo has remained in regular contact with Palma, who after the World Championship with Jordan moved permanently back to Portugal.

“He has already come to visit me here in Lisbon,” Palma said.

“We kept in contact and remained working hard. It doesn’t surprise me to see him playing in the ACB as he can go even further.”

That is one fact that Palma says with conviction and for those who have been lucky enough to watch this youngster play at the beginning of his career, they would no doubt say the same.

“He is a humble and fantastic young boy,” Palma said.

“He is not like other boys who disrespect and disregard the hard work.”

Some highlights:

Not to mention he has an awesome name.
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