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Originally Posted by vmdv12
Any scenario selecting Ronnie Brewer is a good one. He's the best defender in the draft. Nobody is even mentioning how athletic he is. He's 223 pounds. During the weight lifting part of the combine...he Benched 185 lbs 19 times...almsot double what Carney did and triple what Roy did. I'm not saying that translates to a great NBA career, what I'm saying is that he is strong. His vertical was also one of the best. He's a freak athlet that can defend and thrive in the transition game and his jump shot isn't as bad as they say. It looks ugly, but hey, if it goes in who cares what it looks like. Look at Shawn Marion's jump shot.

Roy can only bench 65 lbs?

Thats a little over the bar... he may be weak but i find that hard to believe...

I even find it hard to believe about Carney...

Even 185 lbs is not that much... 19 times is impressive though...

I would find it hard to believe a professional athlete would be so weak... I would find it hard to believe a professional basketball would not be able to bench at least 150 lbs at least 10 times...
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