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Default Re: Jazz waive Sundiata Gaines, Othyus Jeffers, Demetris Nichols and Ryan Thompson

I think O'Connor had said he didn't want to shop Deron too hard because he was worried teams would start low-balling him.

That's ridiculous. Obviously they would have gotten more it teams had to bid for him.

They obviously wanted draft picks and the Nets were in the best position to give them multiple lottery picks.

They were ready to give Denver 4 first rounders. Why settle for 2?

I don't have a problem with him going to the Nets

Me either.

I just don't see why he couldn't have said "OK, you can have Deron, but we want to swap Murphy for Okur and you'll have to take Bell/Price also".

Not sure the Jazz want to get rid of any of those guys is the problem.

The Nets were willing to take the contracts of guys like Harrington and Rip Hamilton in the Melo deal, so surely he could of pushed for Okur to be in the deal too. Hell, maybe you could even push for someone like Morrow to be in the deal too.

Don't forget Jefferson. They could have asked for about anything and probably gotten it especially if they'd gotten other teams involved.

I know there's not proof he didn't do any of that, but from the way O'Connor described the situation, King offered him the Favors/Harris/draft pick combo and he said yes on the spot.

Yep. Baffling.

Nets need to keep him.

Outside Deron I'm not sure they need to keep anyone.
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