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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Originally Posted by Scoooter
LOL. Your hatred of D'antoni is precluding the ability to reason. He started Mozgov because he was a legit center and he played well in the preseason and in training camp. When he wasn't playing well in the games - and the Knicks were losing - he yanked him. Simple. Then the Knicks started to win, so D'Antoni stuck with the winning lineup. Again, simple. Mozgov got another chance and played well, so D'Antoni started giving him more minutes in the ensuing games. Any other reading of the situation is a reach.
What makes you think Mozgov is a legit Center?

He is a raw big man, who at 24 years old needs time to develop.

You can believe D'antoni would play a center in his offense if you want to.

Personally I don't think he even would play Dwight Howard correctly, because he just don't play big men within his concepts of offense.

Howard would probably regress playing for D'antoni.

Originally Posted by Scoooter
Also not true. I know you don't like D'antoni, but don't make shit up.
So I made up that a coincidence no Turiaf, Chandler or Shawne Williams was eligible to play the game against Detroit, thus forcing D'antoni to play Mozgov?

U really think Mozgov came out of the blue and started to play well?

Mozgov main issue has been the confidence, and yeah yanking him out of the line-up as if he was the main problem along with AR, is bad coaching.

A coach should try to win games AND develop players.

D'antoni is awful.

His offensive schemes disadvantages the team on defense.

What coach would start four forwards???

I don't think anyone in their right mind can support his "coaching".

For the record, I said he didn't make a "legit mention of the rebounding".

D'antoni was more focused on the points.

That's all he ever says...."If he hit more shots".
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