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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers are coming to town -THE GAME WE MUST WIN

Originally Posted by knickscity
What makes you think Mozgov is a legit Center?
You're right, he's obviously a 7'1" point guard. How could I have missed that?

He is a raw big man, who at 24 years old needs time to develop.
Hence bringing him along slowly.
You can believe D'antoni would play a center in his offense if you want to.
I don't have to believe anything. He's done it, regardless of what I believe.

Personally I don't think he even would play Dwight Howard correctly, because he just don't play big men within his concepts of offense.
Dwight Howard spotting up for threes. I like it.

Howard would probably regress playing for D'antoni.
Or he would make use of his athleticism in transition and dominate. I would love to find out.

So I made up that a coincidence no Turiaf, Chandler or Shawne Williams was eligible to play the game against Detroit, thus forcing D'antoni to play Mozgov?
No, you made up the part about D'Antoni not mentioning Mozgov's rebounds in that Detroit game. Of course, you couched it with the "legit" qualifier, so I guess it can mean whatever you want it to.

U really think Mozgov came out of the blue and started to play well?
That's exactly what he did. Both before the season started (who had ever heard of Timofey Mozgov before the Knicks signed him?), and in his second chance against the Pistons. But that's from our perspective as fans. Apparently the contention is that he had been working hard and progressing well in practice, increasing the coaching staff's confidence in him. And it showed, as he started getting more minutes.

Mozgov main issue has been the confidence, and yeah yanking him out of the line-up as if he was the main problem along with AR, is bad coaching.
His confidence and his inability to go 10 seconds without picking up a foul. Or catch a basketball. Don't act like D'Antoni didn't give Randolph a chance either, and got rewarded with inept suckitude. Maybe that was from a lack of confidence also; either way, his play was a detriment to the Knicks winning games. Of course, he looks like he was improving a bit in the light minutes he was getting towards the end there as well, maybe he would have worked his way back into the lineup.

A coach should try to win games AND develop players.
Both Mozgov and Randolph looked to be improving before they were traded (Mozgov more so). They can do work in practice, without losing us games. The fans have been bi-polar all season long. He gives minutes to the "projects" early in the season and gets blasted for losing. He makes the adjustment, starts winning, and gets shit for not developing the youngin's. No one said New York wasn't a tough crowd.

What coach would start four forwards???
A coach that doesn't have any centers. I'm not sure who the four are though. Are you counting Turiaf? Amar'e, Chandler, Gallo...? Fields? He's a two guard. He could play small forward if he had to, but he's got nice advantages at the two, especially defensively. Would you rather he started Bill Walker? Or Toney Douglas? Or Roger Mason Jr.?!

I don't think anyone in their right mind can support his "coaching".
Most relevance the Knicks have had in 10 years. That bastard.
For the record, I said he didn't make a "legit mention of the rebounding".

D'antoni was more focused on the points.
He mentioned them both once. "23 and 14? I think I'll try that again." You're reaching.

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