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Default Re: What has the FO done...

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Why the vitriol against our players? Do you have anything positive or even neutral to say along with your 'analysis'?

I don't know. If you look at the players we lost the last offseason, Felton and Chandler have somehow improved a lot. We also lost Theo Ratliff who can contribute in the middle much better than Diop. Now GW and Mohammed are gone. I really don't have much enthusiasm left.

So basically we lost 3 out of 5 starters from our last year's playoff roster and bench contributors. I dare Jordan will mention the word "playoff" anytime soon.

How did we go from a playoff team to a rebuilding team in less than a year?

What frightens me now is what Jordan will do with the draft picks. Those are GW's worksmanship and blood he just gave away. By the way what is Adam Morrison doing nowadays?

Anyway I feel that Jordan really screwed up big time. I don't mind trading our best players, but if he ever does, either trade them all or don't trade anyone. how come our future is never bright? Oh we lost Derrick Brown...he was clAimed off waiver...for NOTHING. WE LOST A PROSPECT FOR NOTHING.

And now I fear Jax is gonna make trouble...

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