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Default Bobcats Fans! (my first game)

Hello Bobcats fans. So I live in Greensboro, NC (originally NJ) and I'll be heading down to Charlotte on the 26th to see the Knicks/Bobcats game.

This will be my first NBA game ever, so I'm pretty stoked. I went online and bought "best available" and I have some pretty sh!t seats. I'm section 212 row Q, which is basically the ceiling. That's okay though.

I was curious for those of you who frequent Bobcats games, how are these seats? Are they better than I imagine? I know the Dean Dome, for example, is a good building to watch a game even when sitting at top. Thoughts anyone? Also, are there opportunities to upgrade when you get to the arena possibly?

Thanks anyone and everyone for your help.
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