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Default Re: Anyone Been Vietnam

i've been there. your experiences will vary depending on where you go, here are some thoughts and observations.

*beaches are beautiful. powder white sand. you can go shoulder deep into the ocean and still see your toes.

*for a communist country, it certainly doesn't feel like it. everyone is hustling there. the reality is, day-to-day there is more pure capitalism then in the US.

*the people are friendly, but you will be treated better in the south then in the north (obvious reasons) but still, people don't really linger on the war. in fact, much of the population weren't even alive during it.

* it's a third world country, but certain parts of it are very modern. they have some great nightclubs if you know where to go. you will see beautiful girls there but more average ones when in the streets.

* very easy to hook up since you are from the states. there are plenty of hookers too, but if you are even half way decent looking it shouldn't be a problem to score a legit chick.

* the food is good, but as with any third world country be careful of where you eat to make sure it's sanitary. the cuisine will vary anywhere from the stuff they have here in the states to more ..."exotic" fare. up to you on how adventurous you wanna be. personally, i don't eat any of the nasty shit.

* the trip can be very very cheap, and pretty expensive, it all depends on where you go and what you do. if you stick with with the local stuff then you can live like a king on a modest budget.

* knock offs are everywhere, don't worry about finding them, the vendors will find you.

* it is crazy crowded in the larger cities, especially Saigon. There is just a mass of people everywhere and the streets can be confusing. don't try to drive, just hire a personal driver to take you everywhere, it'll be worth it.

* it is hot and humid, but cool in the evenings (relatively)

if i can think of anything else i'll add it.
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