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Default Re: This thread was a good read

Originally Posted by Riddler
I don't like society's dependence on technology... and I don't like how
we've become comfort creatures...

It's all gonna back fire.

What's wrong w/ medical advances in technology? What's wrong w/ finding ways to make life easier?

I saw a TED video that shows as people(countries) become more advanced and more civilized they trend to have less children. The higher age we live to, the trend will show that we will have less children (on average). The first 250 year old is 15 years old, TODAY!!!

The Mayans said around the time of the long year (which would probably be around 2012 if everything is right and we didn't misinterpret the calander) The world will seem like a raging river and the people will cling to the shores. But the people should not cling to the shores but rather jump into the center of the river. You're clinging on to the shore(present & past), everything evolves.. Should we go back to hunting and gathering? Humanity will forever evolve or be destroyed but there is no going backwards. Unless we are destroyed to small numbers and have to start all over again. We are a curious creature by nature. We're going to push the limits, we're going to evolve. no stopping it. Enjoy the ride.
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