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Default Re: What America was built on, Vs what it's been replaced with.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
This is not 1776 anymore. Just because things worked back then, does not mean they are going to work now. We live in a global community now, and thus we must be able to adapt to our changing world. Back then it took weeks for information to travel between America and Europe. Now we can pass information instantaneously to any part of the planet.

If we were to try to live up to the exact same principles that the country was founded upon, we would find ourselves falling way behind. Not that we aren't already.

Straying from these principles is what has got us far behind. As you note, "not that we arent there aleady." How do you think we got here? It sure as hell wasn't sound money or free markets. Haven't had either of those for quite some time.. especially sound money.
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