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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

Blame KOC and the FO for the Jazz's woes, picking up Raja Bell with a 3 year contract was a huge mistake, we didn't do anything to help our situation at the wings.

If Sloan didn't love Bell so much they might not have got him. Letting Matthews go is one of the worst moves in franchise history. Going cheap at other more needed positions so they could get another overpaid PF when they already had Milsap still has me scratching my head.

To say he f*cked up the Jazz is wrong. Al Jefferson has been the guy to actually put a ton of effort and put this team on his back, even with a team that isn't very good.

He takes lots of shots but it doesn't equal wins. If he was the player his stats and contract indicate he is they should be good.

The Jazz miss Jerry more then a lot of people and a certain poster in this thread think, our mental toughness tonight was pathetic, we would have brought a lot more toughness if we had Sloan.

They sucked with Sloan so to say they miss him is a stretch.

I hope we get Harrison Barnes or Terrence Jones in the draft, and maybe Jimmer if we get up to 11-14th range with the other pick.

Do they play center or pg? Are they going to be stars? It looks like they will definitely have 2 lottery picks to play with and Jimmer is ranked in the top 10 from what I saw.

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