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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

Sloan's system probably wasn't going to win a championship, but how the hell can you say he sucked as a coach, is having 50+ win seasons every season in one of the smallest markets in the NBA bad, because I don't consider it.

If Sloan really sucked as a coach with numerous 50 win seasons, than Ty Corbin might be the worst coach in history under what your standards of Jerry.

While yeah, the Jazz could have maybe gone after Matthews, but we would have been big time over the cap/luxury tax, and the Jazz are one of numerous teams that don't want to go over the cap/luxury tax too much. Matthews contract was pretty frontloaded and a lot. Jefferson's contract might not be the best ever, but who we're the Jazz going to get in the mean time while we have Paul at PF, and who at C when Okur has/was been out for this long?

Harrison Barnes and Terrence Jones are probably going to be the best available if we're at 7-10 range, their good wing players that we might need. A Center wouldn't be a bad pick-up, but you're going to have to do something with Okur/Jefferson or Millsap.

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