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Default Re: Clippers Trade Baron Davis and a 2011 1st to Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon

So far in 4 games with the Clippers, Mo Williams is averaging a solid 16.8/7 with 2.3 steals, but shooting an iffy 38.3 from the field (37.5 from three) in 33 minutes with just 2.8 turnovers. In comparison, Baron, during the year, averaged 12.8/7 with 1.4 steals and 2.5 turnovers while shooting 41.6/29.6 from the field/three in 29.5 minutes. Granted, its only 4 games, and I haven't seen a single one, but Mo seems to be a better fit due to his range from three and isn't a bad passer as well.

With that said, I'm liking this deal more and more because not only did it clear more cap space, but it seems like Mo can actually be a good fit for the team and if Bledsoe is ready within the next 2 years to be a starter, I'm sure Mo will accept the Jason Terry role to be the offensive punch off the bench.
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