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Default Re: Rockets still winless lose to Spurs Aaron Brooks hurt

Originally Posted by Ariza4three

I'm liking Chase Budinger so far, he can score in a variety of ways. I'd like to see Goran Dragic attack the basket a little more instead of settling for 3 pt shots.

Yea man this team looks solid. I think we can make the playoffs if we keep it together. I heard Memphis has a tough schedule ahead and I'm confident we can pass Phoenix. Chase can score in many ways, and I think after this season, in the offseason, he should work on creating his own shot more. He's about the only player who can do it the best right now. C. Lee and Lowry can, but Chase can do it the best I think. We need to bring in Olajuwon so he can work with Thabeet this offseason, and not only with him, but with Patterson aswell. Patterson plays extremely well off the ball, but when he tries to create his own shot he's not very good at it. Maybe Hakeem can show him so good post moves. As for Dragic, I agree with you. He needs to drive more because he's good at it, and can get to the lane and he finishes strong.
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