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Did you guys read my last three post? Odom does not fit and Cupcake is a mess. Odom is not proficient at any of the skills need to be a great player in the triangle. He is a one on one player(a good one too) but he does not fit the system. He does not help with spacing and he is a poor post up guy.

Jackson's triangle has won 9 titles, when West was running things they brought in the right players. Jackson was not the head coach when Odom came to town but he is now, Odom can get you three guys and Mihm can get you two more. That is 5 for 2 right now the Lakers only have two real starters no matter how you look at it, they need more horses and since Odom does not fit why not use him to get more talent, the Lakers need 3 more starters.

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