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Default Doug Collins "I want us to be built like Oklahoma City was built."

Basically implying he'd like the Sixers to build thru homegrown talent.

Most of the Thunder's main performers are homegrown, including all-stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Durant was the No. 2 pick in the 2007 draft while Westbrook was the No. 4 selection in 2008.

Their third-leading scorer is guard James Harden, who comes off the bench and is averaging 11.3 points. He was the No. 3 pick in the 2009 draft.

The fourth-leading scorer is high-flying Serge Ibaka, who was selected No. 24 in the first round in 2008. (Imagine getting Westbrook and Ibaka in the same draft. That is excellent scouting.)

Dispite lacking a Durant or even Westbrook. You get the idea. So with that said what college prospects would you like to be apart of the Sixers? Forget position. Just focus on adding the talent instead. Any guys you like in college that you wouldnt mind being apart of the movement here in Philly under Doug Collins?

Note: I understand OKC while building thru the draft did so by drafting at the tp of the lottery as opposed to the middle. Hence why you find a franchise player, and an all star talent in Durant/Westbrook.
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