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Default Re: Please tell me the Clippers aren't considering keeping Kaman

Its too bad you couldn't pull off Tayshaun for Kaman before his contract expired. Stupid ownership situation in Detriot. We could have sweetened the pot with a future pick or something, but taking Kaman's extra year off your hands would probably be enough.

Either way, Tay needs to be target #1 for the Clips this summer. He's a hometown guy, a perfect fit and a free agent. Clips need a 3, they need winning experience, they need defense and they don't need any more guys who need the ball a lot. However, Tay can also handle sometimes and initiate, which is helpful when Mo is in the game at the 1. Battier shoudl be option 2, but if you can pull off Tayshaun, you are a title contender. 2 stars, defensive C, 2 other starters with much deep playoff expereience, all star games on the resume and very good play off the ball. Fix up the bench and you are good, but you already have Bledsoe,Foye,Gomes,Aminu. Just need backup bigs.
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