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Default Re: Abbott: "Forget what you knew about the Nets"

i forgot to post on this earlier, but i loved this article except for the conclusion. the end made the entire thing sound ambigious and not to the point.

either way you look at it, he makes a great overall argument. everything starts from the top. if you have a cost-cutting uninspired owner, then you can't expect great things to occur with your team. my old basketball coach used to tell me, "the definition of insanity is doing things the same you've always been doing them and expecting different results."

regardless of the nets success in the past decade, we didn't have an identity. we were situated in a swamp in the the middle of a turnpike for god's sake.

and i've got nothing against the state of new jersey, but i want to see more sellouts, raucous and passionate fans. i'll be the first to say i don't care about the nets popularity, but it's hard to swallow when we get deron freaking williams and we can't sellout his home opener.

i can only hope that brooklyn gives us our identity.
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