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Default Re: Bryan Colangelo twitter

hahaha, that link is hilarious:

Yesterday a Reporter asked me how it feels to be making bank on a team that is 18-47. My answer was "Duh, Winning!"
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@StephenCurry30 Hey Steph, can you teach me how to improve my 3 point shooting form? Because 3 point shooting = championships.

How disappointing. Al Jeff beat us at the buzzer with one of those tricky crafty things that i'm unable to do. What's it called. A rebound?

Thank god my contract isn't performance based like it is in the NFL.

In Italy "Il Mago" means the magician. In Toronto "Il Mago" means the worst starting Center in the NBA, making large sums of money disappear

I DEFINITELY should've been selected to take part in the 3 point shoot out. I mean come on now, what else am I good at?
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