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Default Re: Abbott: "Forget what you knew about the Nets"

yea, i know what you mean about that last line. my first reaction was to be irritated. but i had to admit he was exactly right, from a logical standpoint. OTOH... the situation has now changed, for several reasons, and i don't think prokhy will have any problem extending d-will... with or without any immediate help (i.e., talented players).

no, the biggest wild card at this point is going to be the CBA war and the likely lockout. although from what i can see, that situation helps the nets more than it hurts them in terms of signing d-will.

also, about the fan support thing- i don't buy the idea, voiced by some knicks' fans, that -few- NYers will embrace the nets when they move to brooklyn. i can think of many reasons why that idea just doesn't hold water, at least in the nets' case.
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