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Default Fact or Fiction: Knicks will step up defensively in the playoffs

Many people (especially Knicks fans) say that Knicks will start to play good defense in the playoffs.

I think we should really discuss it.

Let's take a look at our defensive stats during the season:

Defensive rating: 21st
Opponent effective field goal percentage: 24th
Opponent turnover percentage: 9th
Defensive rebound percentage: 25th

Let's look our defensive performances against some elite teams:

MIAMI (2-2)
Average points allowed: 98.3
Average FG% allowed: 47.2%
Average 3-pt% allowed: 33.3%
Outrebounded by: 6.25

BOSTON (0-2)
Average points allowed: 111.5
Average FG% allowed: 50.2%
Average 3-pt % allowed: 40%
Outrebounded by: 10.0

Average points allowed: 103.5
Average FG% allowed: 47.7%
Average 3-pt % allowed: 39.4%
Outrebounded by: 4.0

And then some performances against poor teams:

Average points allowed: 114.3
Average FG% allowed: 45.9%
Average 3-pt% allowed: 40.5%
Outrebounded by: 9.0

Points allowed: 112
FG: 43.6%
3-pt: 40%
Outrebounded by: 13.0

Just by looking at stats you wouldn't tell we played good defense.Elite teams were shooting pretty much around 48% and a little under 40% from the 3-pt line.
Also,as much as we are afraid of Chicago's front court they have actually outrebounded us by the smallest margin of any other elite team in the East.
Maybe the reason is that Boozer didn't play in the first and Noah didn't play in the second game.
But in the first game Gibson had 10 rebounds,Boozer wouldn't get much more.

So,considering our coach is D'Antoni and roster we have,do you think we will/can step it up in the playoffs ?
Do you think this team can play good defense for 7 consecutive games ?

I know you will tell that I'm overreacting,but this has nothing to do with the game last night.
We have been inconsistent on defense,we couldn't play good defense for a few games in a row.
Knicks showed they can play good defensively,but they didn't show they can play like that consistently.
So,is this team able to play good defense every game when it matters ?
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