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Default Re: why are we still booing?????

Originally Posted by Reef
Exactly. Bosh kind of did the same thing with not being clear about his intentions with free agency. It was pretty obvious that he didn't plan to stay well before free agency started, but I put the blame on Colangelo for just sitting on his hands.

If I was BC, I'd just tell the player, "either you commit now or I'm going to trade you", just like what happened with Melo and Deron Williams. Look at Denver: they ended up with pretty much a new starting lineup of solid young players (Felton, Gallinari, Chandler, Mozgov), while Utah got a decent point guard (Harris), a solid prospect (Favors), and 2 potential top 10 picks. What did we get? James Johnson, our own pick back, and a TPE that we probably won't use. We also got a conditional 1st rounder for McGrady.
I completely agree, I said the same thing and many people met it with opposition saying things like "who were we gonna get for Bosh anyways?" The fact of the matter is, telling Bosh commit or else would force his hands and take away all that power he had. Sure he could say, "i'll make it more difficult for you to trade me by saying I won't sign an extension" but then he'd definitely be having to sacrifice his 6th year which was not something he wanted to do. Then he probably would've had to do what Melo did which is to say "Ok, I want to go to one of these 3 teams. Get me there and i'll co-operate." Yes, at the end of the day we'd still be in rebuilding mode, but we'd have a lot more to work with.
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