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Default Re: Abbott: "Forget what you knew about the Nets"

well, personally... if i was a knicks fan living in brooklyn, i sure as hell wouldn't give the new hometown team the cold shoulder. at the very least i'd give them a look and be open to the -possibility- of becoming a dual fan.

plus, given time, any populace will become naturally invested in the hometown team, for many reasons. it's pretty-much just human nature.

plus, if you were looking to become a fan of any particular team on its way up, the nets would be a great choice, and will only become a better and better choice in the next couple years. that's exactly how i became a fan myself, in kidd's first year.

the arena itself will undoubtedly make a whole lot of fans on its own. from my early impressions, it will be one of the envies of all professional sports, and a magnet for anyone looking for a classy sporting venue.
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