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Default Re: players you keep from the existing roster

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I'd love an Ed Davis/Marc Gasol frontcourt going forward. Gasol isn't a defensive monster but not bad there either. I love the way he plays on offense though. He won't get many touches with Gay and Randolph on that team but he moves the ball well and just knows where to be. Just a smart player. I think Ed Davis has some big defensive potential in him too. It would be a good balanced frontcourt.


When it comes to scenarios that are somewhat plausible, that's my dream.

I think that this quote from Triano today on The Score is interesting:

“We’re going into our last 16 games and we’re looking at keeping our young players going, keep developing them. But we also have a top pick coming. We’re going to have money that we can use in free agency. And with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement — whatever happens there — we’re going to be in a position where the face of our franchise could change drastically within two or three months. And I think when you surround those possibilities with the development of our young players, I think that we’re in a pretty decent spot right now.”
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