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Default Re: The "We want Jeff Van Gundy" Thread

Originally Posted by earlofupstate
I think JVG burned his MSG bridge with Dolan. And I think MD'A is too stubborn to get rid of one of his posse and hire a defensive specialist.
But I am all for having JVG as our head coach.
I know I might be the biggest D'antoni hater on here, but could you imagine if he had a defensive lead assistant coach?

He would have my support.

He is one of the best at offense, I give him credit on that.

He has made adjustments to his own philosophy, I will credit him that as well.

But defense..... he knows nothing about, other than "getting into guys".

Not like I would fully endorse this, but Mike Brown is available.

And he is a Pop disciple, so I know defense will be stressed.

That's one thing you can say about Cleveland when he was there.

They defended on every possession.
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