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Default Re: players you keep from the existing roster

Originally Posted by bluerap
As for Marc Gasol, I don't think Memphis will let him walk, unless we give him a max contract. That would be a bad call.

I think this is the base line fact. Marcs game is what would be brilliant here but i think he is even "less touchable" than Cousins in Sacaremento (if that is possible so to speak).

Truth an Rumours posted about Barnes. Irving is the obvious 2nd choice. After those 2 - I really dont know. To Chamberlains post - lets see what March madness brings. There might be some stand up skills not evident before playing on the big national scene.

A big man in the draft - European or American (Chinesse, African, or Jewish) is something I really dont want to see either.

Big men are almost always "projects" over a couple of years. Since we "should have cap room" and quality assets with manageable contracts in return I would prefer to see a big man aquired.

I am on record for taking a flyer on Oden for example. I think there are more also available.
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