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Default Top ten reasons why it's great to be a Nets fan today--

- five wins in a row, last one against the mighty celtics.

- 1,000 tickets to go (and dropping) in order to have sold out three straight games.

- with every day it becomes more clear that the nets and the nuggets made the best deadline trades (IMHO, of course).

- prokhy just won the french legion of honor and the way that this short post mentioned it required me to pick myself off the floor after reading it.

- the reaction of the day comes from a nets fan sitting courtside at the celtics game.

- since the d-will trade, nets are averaging 107.6 points per 100 possessions, scoring 103.4 points per 48 minutes, assisting on 67.5 percent of their made field goals and shooting 46.2 percent as a team. those are all crazy jumps upwards, compared to pre-dwill.

- every day the new brooklyn arena is a little closer to being finished, and every day that both pleases me and pisses me off a little more than the day before. pleases me, for obvious reasons. pisses me off, because i've moved out of the area and have no friggin idea when i'll be able to eventually visit it.

- d-will is sounding more and more enamored of the nets, lately. he went from being a clearly pissed-off individual, to one who seems excited about playing with lopez, humphries and the rest, and clearly pleased to be running a team the way that he wants to. at this point, if he was allowed to, i think he would gladly agree to the much-sought extension that the nets badly need him to make.

oops... that's only eight reasons. oh well.

EDIT: just for fun i posted this to the main area as well. two pages of comments, so far:

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