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Default Re: Please tell me the Clippers aren't considering keeping Kaman

Kaman and Blake can play together for 10 or so minutes per night, won't be a huge obstacle what so ever. Since returning from injury, Chris is averaging:
12.92 Points Per Game
5.7 Rebounds Per Game
1.31 Assists Per Game
1.23 Blocks Per Game
1.69 Turnovers Per Game
2.3 Fouls Per Game
86-147 From The Field (58.5%)
14-18 From Free Throw (77.8%)
23.38 Minutes Per Game

I don't know about anyone else, but putting up near 13/6 with 59% from the field in about 24 minutes is solid for a center coming off an injury and off the bench for 13 games. Keep Kaman, bring him off the bench to be an offensive spark alongside Bledsoe since the Clippers have aways lacked offense off the bench and let him just dominate opposing backup Centers and on days where Blake/Jordan are struggling or in foul trouble.

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