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Default Re: Insanity vs P90X for Basketball?

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
jeez 6'2 168 and you need to lose weight? damn man hit the weights a lil bit.

I don't know a whole lot about p90x, but if it's something 40+ year olds can do, it's not going to help your explosiveness much... unless there are like multiple programs... which there probably are. How you get more explosive is simple. Train explosively. You could do 4 things to really help your explosiveness and lateral movement. 1. Heavy ass squats, cleans, or deadlifts with low reps 2. Play Ball explosively (going for boards at their highest point, jumping high on shot contests, etc.) 3. Pro agility drill 4. Pro agility drill in defensive stance...

and throw in some 20 yard sprints. do those, you will gain about 6-8 inches in vert after 6 months and be a much better defensive player (most likely overall player).

Well my arms and legs are skinny but I have a bit of a pouch lol. I need to change my diet.

Thanks guys. My buddy told me that Costco is doing a promotion for 24 hour fitness, it's $300 for 2 years, which is like $12 a month so that's pretty damn good. Access to any club, nationwide. I think I'm gonna do it.
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